Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Fundamentals of the RADIX

What do you mean by one “module”?

One Radix Vertical Hydroponic Module is referring to 1 set of free-standing 3x4 ft grow beds stacked vertically on top of one another with integrated LED grow lights and water circulation. The layers of one module can be customized between 4-8 layers and the height between each layer also has multiple options.

What is considered one “grow bed”?

A grow bed a 3 x 4’ “sink” that holds flowing nutrient, supports the grow rafts/trays on top, and mount LED grow lights in the back.

What is considered one “grow raft”

A grow raft is a 2x3’ board that holds multiple plant sites. Two grow rafts sit on one grow bed. The grow raft has multiple models to accommodate different density of the plant sites.

How many plants does one grow raft have?

Depending the plants, a “vegetative raft” has 54 plant sites, a “seedling raft” has 180 plant sites. You can choose to only use a portion of them by covering the plant sites with our raft caps.

How many plants sites per grow bed? How about per module?

The math is simple. If using a 54-plant-site raft, there are 54 x2 = 108 plants per grow bed. For a 5 layer(grow bed) module, that’ll be 108 x 5 = 540 plant sites.

What are the grow trays and tray holder?

The Radix Vertical Hydroponic Module is designed to cultivate different varieties of crops at different stages of growth. So by using the 10x20” grow trays and tray holder together you can the covert the module to do propagation, babyleaf and microgreens.

What are the grow bed and grow rafts made of?

High density food-safe Polypropylene (PP).

What is Power Raft™ ?

PowerRaft™ is a group of accessories that SANANBIO™ developed to accommodate the needs of plants at different grow stages and of difference varieties.

How much space does one “module” takes?

3X4’, One grow bed is sitting on a roughly 3 X 4 floor space. Refer to the data sheet for the exactly dimensions

How much grow space does one “module” offer?

Depending on the layers. The formula is no secret. Simply multiply the footprint of one module by the number of layers. So a 5-layer module gives you 12 x 5 = 60 sq ft.

How high my grow room should be?

Depending on the # of layers and your light-to-bed height. We typically recommend 10 ft. ceiling height for a 5 layer module with 1 ft spacing between light and plant site.

What’s the spacing between each level?

We define it as Light-to-Bed Height meaning the distance measured from the plant site to the surface of the LED lights. For vegetative module, the standard height is 1 foot.

How much PPFD is delivered at the grow bed?

At 1 foot of Light-to-Bed Height, it’s 220-250 uMol/s/m2

Growing with RADIX

How many heads of plants I can grow in one grow bed of Radix?

One grow bed can grow 54 heads of lettuce, 108 heads of basils, 180 seedlings or 6 microgreen trays (10x20”).

What’s the monthly yield out of Radix?

Yields are dependent on the type of plants you are growing, your environmental conditions, and your nutrient recipes.

How do I harvest from Radix?

The “grow raft” is removable from the grow bed. Each raft has an ergonomic lip for growers to reach in and lift. You’ll retrieve the raft and harvest just like taking a pan of fresh cookies out of an oven.

What grow medium shall I use with Radix?

There are multiple off-the-shelf grow mediums/plugs from different suppliers that’ll work seamlessly with Radix. Radix is an open platform.

How should I set up the propagation?

For every 9 vegetative modules, you need at least 1 propagation modules depending on the varieties you chose to grow.

Electrical and Mechanical

How efficient is the grow lights?

Our grow lights efficacy are 2.1 uMol/Joule, which means for every watt of electrical power it generate 2.1 uMol/s of photons the plant need.

What’s power input of all the grow lights?

For every 5-layer module, the power consumption for the lighting is 540 W

Is the water flow constant or Ebb&Flow?

Both. We recommend constant flow for mature plants and microgreens. If you are only using it for germination, you can convert it into an Ebb&Flow.

What’s the required flow rate?

We recommend 3.8 LPM to 1 gallon per minute

How do I connect the water flow between layers?

The water circulation is integrated into the grey spacers. The grower does not need to do any plumbing within the grow module itself.