Sananbio U.S. is comprised of a team of engineers, scientists, farmers, and business professionals who are dedicated to disrupting the status quo in indoor agriculture.

Working closely with our sister company, Sanan Opto-Electronics, the worlds largest LED chip manufacturer and one of Chinaโ€™s oldest comprehensive research institutes, the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sananbio U.S. is positioned at the intersection of science based research and technological innovation in the burgeoning Ag-Tech industry.

We are focused on building technology that has undergone rigorous testing and has been proven in real-life applications that give way to commercial market adoption. We aim to empower a generation of modern farmers that understand food production must evolve in order to protect the future generations. Motivated by purpose and passion, Sananbio U.S. is forging a new path in agriculture that is validated by research, grounded in sustainability, and driven by innovation.

Letโ€™s grow together.